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2020 ~ 2021 Leadership
Section Leader
Ethan Lee
Jamie Ruelas
Adelyn Chan
Joshua Luutuyen
French Horn
Mateo Longoria
Nicholas Johnson
Anisa Nunez
Zeus Perez
Drum Major
Drum Major (Assistant)
Drum Major (Assistant)
Colorguard Captain
Sydney Luan
Colorguard Captain (Assistant)
Drum Captain
Alexander Chavez
Pit Captain
Annabel Xiong
Concert Master ( Orchestra )
Eurwin Frias
Adelyn Chan
Caroline Valdovinos
Librarian (Head)
Cecilia Fermin
Librarian (Assistant)
Alma Cordova
Quarter Master (Head)
Laleen Kuoch
Quarter Master (Assistant)
Melissa Hyunh
Quarter Master (Assistant)
Mattie Lara
Quarter Master (Assistant)
Karina Aviles
Equipment Manager (Head)
Alexander Chavez
Equipment Manager (Assistant)
Annabel Xiong
Equipment Manager (Assistant)
Matthew Le
Historian (Head), Content Webmaster
Edwin Lee
Historian (Assistant), Content Webmaster
Kaylin Nguyen
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Joshua Luutuyen  -    Band  President
Welcome to the 2020-2021 Arroyo Knights Band
and Colorguard Leadership Page. My name is
Joshua Luutuyen, and I am proud to represent
this amazing program as the current Band
President. As a group that strives to inspire
others through our musical performances both on
and off the field, the Arroyo Knights Band and
Colorguard is truly an organization that has
shaped not only my life, but the lives of each and
every member. This program truly inspires us all,
and I hope to uphold the prestige and reputation
that this program has built from the ground up in
the years before me. Beyond simply upholding
this program and its values, I hope to further this
program through the dedication of both myself
and my leadership team this year, so that
everyone can have an amazing experience as
members of the Knights Band and Color Guard.
Orchestra President
Keeley Liu
Orchestra Secretary
Lynette Lee
Orchestra Treasurer
Adam Quach
Orchestra Librarian (Head)
Thomas Pham
Orchestra Librarian (Assistant)
Kiley Liu