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Color guard is a form of the performing arts that incorporates various types of
equipment or props with different styles of dance in order to express the dynamics of a
piece of music.  In color guard, flags, rifles and sabres are the main pieces of equipment
used, although the activity is not limited to these types of equipment.  Color Guard
members also perform various styles of dance, including contemporary, jazz, lyrical and
ballet, all of which may be performed while guard members spin equipment.

During marching season, the color guard performs with the band to add visual effect and
to aid in expressing the overall message of the piece of music being performed by the
band.  All marching season performances by the color guard are performed outside, either
on the football field or on the street in a parade.  During indoor season, the color guard
performs separately from the band in gymnasiums or on basketball courts.  At this time,
the color guard becomes “winter guard” and members perform to pre-recorded pieces of

The growing popularity of the color guard activity has made it available at many colleges,
universities, high schools and in independent drum corps groups.  Arroyo’s Color Guard
performs alongside the band during the fall and in Winter/Spring as Winter Guard,
competing independently at shows sponsored by the Winter Guard Association of
Southern California (WGASC).
"Every Heart to the Finals"
Special Tribute to 2015 Winter Guard
Watch Winter Guard 2015 performance
"Every Heart" At UC Irvine WGASC Championship
Arroyo High School Knights Color Guard
"Guardian to the Finals"
Special Tribute to 2016 Varsity Winter Guard
"Force to the Silver"
Special Tribute to 2016 Junior Varsity Winter Guard
2016 Junior Varsity Winter Guard "Force"
2016 Varsity Winter Guard "Guardian"
2017 Junior Varsity Winter Guard "Checkmate"
2017 Varsity Winter Guard "Interstellar"