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Q: What will the band program teach my child?

A:  Being in a marching band teaches a child self-discipline, as well as the importance of teamwork. The band also serves as a
home away from home and acts as a BIG family for all members. In addition, you child will the importance of being responsible for
him/herself, being on time, following through on commitments and develop organizational skills. All of these things are life skills
learned beyond the music he/she will learn. These are the qualities colleges and employers regularly look for when choosing
which people they will admit or hire.

Q: Will being in band throughout my high school career be beneficial when I apply for college?

A: The simple answer to this question is YES! Colleges will be impressed to see your dedication and devotion to your craft. They
are also aware of the extremely difficult work and situations band members go through to become successful.


Q:  How do I pay for my fair shares?

A:  Paying your fees is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is put the money into an envelope and turn it in to the payment box
in the band room. Mrs. Evanilla, the Band Manager will make sure your payments are your ID, and the amount of money you're
paying for band camp, costumes or other fees(Tour, Shoes, Jackets, etc.)

Q:  Is there anything that I can do to earn money to help pay off my fair shares?

A:  Of course! Throughout the course of the school year, our band program participates in several fundraising activities including
brochure sales, See’s Candy sales, Pasta sale, restaurant dinners and obtaining sponsorships from individuals or companies.

Q:  Approximately how much money will each band member have to pay for the upcoming year?

A:  The cost for the band camp covers the entire year of the program. For 2014-15, the cost for camp is $600 per band/guard
member. Costs for personal items, such as shoes, costumes, sticks/mallets will vary with the member. Costs are listed on the
Parent Information and Signature sheet given out at the Annual Mandatory Parent Meeting each June. Members of select
ensembles may also incur the cost for a Spring Tour. Details on this tour will be given to those members as soon as they are
available in Fall.

Q:  Approximately how much money will each percussion member have to pay for the upcoming year?

A:  The annual cost for percussionists exceeds the amount that band members must pay mainly because of indoor season. The
indoor season runs each member of the percussion ensemble around $150-$200. This money pays for equipment, show fees,
costumes, instruction, show design, and much more. This is added to the Band Camp cost for each band member.

Q:  What happens if I don't pay off my fair shares by the end of the school year?

A:  If you fail to pay off what you owe to the band program, you will NOT be able to register for the following year's classes.

Q:  Are there any other ways that I can pay my fair shares?

A:  If you own an instrument or other type of equipment that is in good condition and the band feels that they need, you will be
able to donate your instrument in exchange for a reduction in your fair shares.

Q:  Approximately how much money will each color guard member have to pay for the upcoming year?

A:  Each color guard member has costs that exceed the regular band costs as well. The color guard members have to pay for
their costumes for the fall season (parade and field show), and for the indoor winter guard season as well.  They also have costs
for equipment such as flags, rifles, gloves, sabers, shoes, etc., that the instrumentalists don't have. Color guard members should
check with their instructor for the exact costs of these.  Color guard members also pay the band camp cost.

Q:  What methods of payment are available for fair shares?

A:  The only two methods available are either cash or check, payable to Arroyo Band.