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FYI (For Your Information)
Maintain Your Uniform

Your Band uniform is NOT yours to keep but it IS yours to keep clean. NEVER eat or drink anything
other than plain water while in your uniform.  You must take your uniform to a professional cleaner for
periodic cleaning (at least twice during the marching season and once at the end of the season
before turning it in).Make sure you remove hangers, citation cords and any neck inserts prior to
taking your uniform in for dry cleaning! NEVER sit on the dirt, lawn or areas that may transfer stains
or items to your uniform. If you damage or ruin any part of your uniform, you will be held responsible
Band Review Uniform Requirement
bandaids to cover piercings. Plugs must come out too. No exceptions!

  • No nail polish on anyone. We are not a nail salon- take it off at home & keep it off!

  • All hair MUST be completely up under your shako. Put your hair up before you come and spray it so it stays.
    Bring your own Bobby pins/clips. Hair must not touch the collar - goes for everyone. Suggestion for girls with
    long hair: put it in a bun using a sock (Google how to do it). Boosters will help you with this.

  • Pant lengths need to be the same for everyone. Put on your marching shoes: have someone measure 3" from
    the floor up to your ankle. That's where your pant hem should be. Adjust your pants with the side zippers and
    suspenders if possible. If it doesn't help, take your pants to the cleaners and have them redo the hem or have
    your parent or a relative hem them if they can. Under NO circumstance may the pant legs be cut!!!

  • Your shoes must be shined. Get a sponge instant shiner from Kiwi brand (sometimes 99cents store has them)
    and keep it in the shoe pouch of your garment bag. Shine your shoes before you get off the bus! No cleaner
    available? Use a wet wipe- baby wipes are fine for this.

  • Wipe your shako clean. Wear your shako so that it is at the correct angle on your head.

  • Make sure your gloves are absolutely clean!!!! If you lose your gloves, you will need to buy another pair
    ($2.50). You can wash your gloves: use laundry detergent and warm water in the kitchen sink or basin. Scrub
    them- add some non-chlorine additive like Oxy-clean if you want. DoNOT use bleach- it may turn them yellow.
    Rinse with cool water and hang to dry. You can wash them with whites in the washer & dry in the dryer BUT
    they are cotton gloves and might shrink so it's not recommended.

  • Polish your horn and keep it clean. Same goes for woodwinds and drum sides.

  • No makeup at all for band members. Guard needs to follow guidelines for uniformity as a group. Make sure all
    buttons need to be on securely and buttoned up.

  • Clip the metal attachment at your collar. Sax straps need to be inside jackets.

Please check with Mr. Massaro before you hire a private instructor for your instrument.  He has many connections and

This area of the website is meant to offer some convenient links to music stores and to websites that may be of use to
parents to band members.
online metronome to help you keep the right tempo when you practice at home.
free downloadable and printable blank sheet music for writing out your part or composing your own music

Local Music Stores

Gard's Music

848 S. Grand Avenue, Glendora, CA 91740  (626)963-0263
Hours: Check with the store before going as hours may change.

has been a great supporter of our program and carries instruments, accessories, offers lessons and repairs. Located NORTH
of the 210 freeway in the Sports Chalet Shopping Center (exit Grand Avenue NORTH not south. Enter shopping center just
north of Baseline).  Gard's has just opened 2 more stores, but both are farther away than the main store in Glendora.  

Old Town Music

42 E. Colorado Blvd. #1  Pasadena, CA   (626)793-4730

Located in Old Town Pasadena on south side of Colorado Blvd. between Fair Oaks and Raymond. Carries sheet music,
some instruments and accessories, offers lessons. This store is more for CONCERT season needs than marching needs.

Johnny Thompson Music

222. E. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park 91755  (626)280-8783

Just east of Garfield on the south side of Garvey Avenue.
Carries instruments and accessories, some instructional materials; offers lessons.