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Arroyo High School Band and Color Guard  4921 N. Cedar Avenue, El Monte, California 91732  (626)444-9201 ext. 3897, 3898
Words from our Director
Band Manager
Kathy Evanilla
Battery Percussion Captain Head:
Nicole Casino
Battery Percussion Manager:
Joseph Hernandez
Battery Percussion Technician:
Kevin Figueroa
Pit Percussion Instructor:
James Cattherall
Pit Percussion Technician:
Alejandra Vasquez
Colorguard Head Instructor
Manny Ruiz
Colorguard Assistant Instructor
David R. Pantoja
Colorguard Tech.
Andrew Padilla
Visual/Marching instructor
Sean McDermott
Visual/Marching Assistant Instructor
Luke Armstrong
Visual/Marching Tech
Daniel Castro
Samantha Dobson
Drill Designer
Scott Bilbruck
Parade Staging Designer
Benjamin Contreras
Trumpet Instructor
David Pittel
Tenor Brass Instructor
Steve Suminski
Alternate Tenor Brass Instructor
Lori Stuntz
Alternate Tenor Brass Instructor
Nathan Stearns
Clarinet Instructor
Jenny Showalter
French Horn Instructor
Steve Mahpar
Flute Instructor
Cheryl Loofborough
Tuba Instructor
John Van Houten
String Coach
Chen Chu
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My name is Joe Massaro.  I have been teaching in Southern
California as a full time high school and part time college
I have been working at Arroyo since the Fall of 2005.  I am
experienced in teaching Jazz band, Marching band (field and
street), Concert Bands, Color Guard, Drumline, Orchestra,
Music Theory, Piano, Musical Theatre, and world travel, just to
I am also a member of S.C.S.B.O.A., I.A.J.E., M.E.N.C. , and
other educational organizations. I have spent my entire career
since high school conducting, writing and arranging music for
academic and professional organizations across the country.  I
am very experienced at knowing what a musical ensemble
requires to be successful.

My educational objective is to produce well-balanced
responsible adults, and the best way I know to achieve this goal
is through a Championship Band and Color Guard!